One day on the year 2010,
The new machine called the 3D printer is created.
“It is so amazing. I can now create anything myself.”
And this excitement was the start of PLASIL.
The 3D printer was excellent and could make about anything, but it was hard to get the plastic materials for 3D printing.
At first we bought materials that were made in China and were more expensive to ship here than the original materials cost.
Therefore, on the year 2012,
South Korea represented 3D printer material PLASIL is made; and, our-technology 3D printer materials production enterprise is created.
With the idea of “Lets concentrate on the goods original value.” Other than the quality and the performance of the goods, we reduced the price to the least of the package and packaging of goods to lower the costs to lower the pressure of buyers and users.

In 2015, an old friend joined and we made a blog to communicate with users. We also started on Instagram, and expanded the local online distribution channels. After then, with direct sales with Qoo10,, and Amazon Japan, we were challenging overseas markets.

In 2017, We got a new place in Yangju, Kyunggi province, and are working on developing an environmentally friendly material optimized
for 3D printing.
3Dink : 15, Buyong-ro 204beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea | tel : +82-10-9002-9700