The ‘E’ from PLASIL E-Series means ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘enhanced.’
Even with having high quality we do not use harmful substances such as styrene and BPA, therefore our products are eco-friendly and human-friendly.
Because there are only pure raw materials and nothing else in the E-Series, it can be used for industry, medical, education, hobbies
and many other ways.
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With high durability it does not have impurities that are contained in ABS, PC such as styrene and BPA. The filament is copolyester made.
Natural polish.
Hardened, and chances of shrinking or change are extremely low.
Very low to no impurities or smell.
Meets US FDA food contact standard.
Color: Natural single color.
Printing requirements: Nozzle temperature 230-270°C / Bed temperature 50-70°C
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The filaments are PLA(poly lactic acid)-based, which are biodegradable bio-plastics obtained from plant starches. The quality of these filaments are twice or more the quality of the normal PLA product (HDT:40°C).
100% bio ingredients (biopolymer), biodegradation ingredient.
High heat resistance (HDT:100°C).
FDM/FFF optimized printing matter.
Low percentage shrinking, hardened and fine printing.
Color: Natural single color.
Printing requirements: Nozzle temperature 200-240°C / Bed temperature not needed.
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