PLASIL is the combination of ‘Plastic’ and the Korean word ‘Sil’ meaning thread.
We are producing and supplying 3D printer filaments with quality incomparable to the products made in China.
The history of PLASIL can also be called the history of 3D printing.
PLASIL is the combination of ‘Plastic’ and the Korean word ‘Sil’ meaning thread and contains the soul of the best quality 3D printing materials.
When 3D printers were introduced locally in South Korea in 2010, there were no relevant infrastructures of 3D printers so we were sharing information in a small community called ‘Open Creators’ and had to buy low grade 30000 Won materials which had a shipping price of 40000 Won, higher than the ingredient cost. At the time, PLASIL’s representer Kim Seong-Cheol was a manager of ‘Open Creators’ with an ID called ‘Jalnannamja’ (Coolguy) and thought this was unfair and decided to produce and supply these materials, he then established a factory for the production of the materials.
PLASIL is the first in everything related to 3D printers in South Korea, and with many challenges and hard work now produces and supplies 3D printer filaments incomparable to the ones produced in China. PLASIL’s history can also be called the history of 3D printing in South Korea.
With 3D printing ObjectBuild’s fast printing and PressEngineer’s clothing making, we have made many projects together such as a live-size Ironman suit and are partnered with them.
Our filaments are also used for testing 3D printers in many 3D printer companies.
If you bought a 3D printer and don’t know what filaments to use, ask other users around!
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